Fund Prices

The Share Price of the Valletta Fund Management Funds are issued on every business day by the administrator Valletta Fund Services Limited. All funds are priced daily with the exception of the La Valette Multi Manager Property Fund which is priced bi-monthly and the Wignacourt Capital Guaranteed AquaEnergy Fund which are priced every other Thursday.

The Initial Charge of the Vilhena Broad Opportunities Fund is currently discounted to 2% from 4%.

The Initial Charge of the Vilhena Global Balanced Multi-Manager Fund is currently discounted to 2% from 3.5%.

  Initial Charge Share Price** XD Change from
previous NAV
La Valette Funds SICAV p.l.c.
Far East Opportunities Fund 4%$1.6966 +0.0039 
Malta Fund - Accumulator 2%€8.17 +0.0190 
Malta Fund - Distributor 2%€6.184 +0.01404.6115%
Euro Malta Money Fund - Institutional -€2.9873 +0.00010.9804%
Euro Malta Money Fund - Retail -€2.9601 +0.00000.8704%
Multi Manager Property Fund - Main Pool 4%€0.5405 +0.00600.543%
Multi Manager Property Fund - Side Pocket^ -€0.1897 +0.00370%
Sterling Money Fund -£1.4102 +0.00000.2119%
Vilhena Funds SICAV p.l.c.
European Multi-Manager Fund 4%€1.6076 +0.0060 
Global Balanced Multi-Manager Fund 2%€0.9975 +0.00120.2431%
Malta Fund - Accumulator 1.25%€609.202 +0.9400 
Malta Fund - Distributor 1.25%€469.178 +0.72303.4112%
Malta Government Bond Fund - Accumulator 0.75%€493.72 +0.0700 
Malta Government Bond Fund - Distributor 0.75%€317.866 +0.04503.4168%
Mediterranean Rim Fund - USD Class 3.5%$1.5156 +0.00353.2594%
Mediterranean Rim Fund - EUR Class 3.5%€1.0251 +0.00243.2594%
Global Themed Fund - USD Class 4%$1.2116 +0.0162 
Global Themed Fund - EUR Class 4%€2.2536 +0.0329 
Global Themed Fund - GBP Class 4%£1.0725 +0.0104 
Broad Opportunities Fund 2%€0.7795 +0.0014 
Malta Bond Fund - Accumulator 0.75%€542.613 +0.0900 
Malta Bond Fund - Distributor 0.75%€346.744 +0.05803.4971%
High Yield Fund 3.5%€0.8323 -0.00066.5315%
Sterling Income Fund* 2%£0.9973 -0.00144.454%
Euro Income Fund A - Quarterly Distributor* 2%€1.1883 -0.00042.9348%
Euro Income Fund B1 - Accumulator 3%€3.222 -0.0009 
Euro Income Fund B2 - Monthly Distributor 3%€2.5466 -0.00082.9348%
Wignacourt Funds SICAV p.l.c.
Malta Fund - Accumulator 2.5%€2.729 +0.0110 
Malta Fund - Distributor 2.5%€2.274 +0.00903.8534%
Capital Guaranteed AquaEnergy Fund -€0.9978 +0.0005 

*An exit fee structure also applies.

** Share price as at  17 April 2014  except for the La Valette Multi Manager Property Fund which is priced bi-monthly and the Wignacourt Capital Guaranteed AquaEnergy Fund which is priced every other Thursday.

***Income yield as at 15 April 2014 net of the funds' fees, expenses and tax. This yield which constitutes the income that theassets of a fund produce in relation to their value or market price, may vary and is not guaranteed.

^In line with the Supplementary Prospectus and other than for the purpose of enabling the classification of the underlying investments as at time of creation of the Side Pocket, all dealings in shares and the determination of the net asset value are suspended in terms of Article 14 of the La Valette Funds SICAV plc Articles of Association and the estimate per share is provided solely for indicative purposes.

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